8" USB-A to USB-C Cable

8" USB-A to USB-C Cable

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This black, 8-inch USB 2.0 cable connects your USB-C device (like the Google Pixel phonesor Essential phones) to a USB-A port for charging and syncing.

This cable is covered by the Tiny Cables guarantee, which states: "We make cables that last, and if they don't, we want to know about it. If a Tiny Cable stops functioning or doesn't meet your expectations, we'll replace it with no questions asked." It also has a 30-day return period.

Spec: USB 2.0

Certifications: According to our vendor, these cables have USB-IF certification. Since they are manufactured to a custom length, they do not have an entry in the USB Type-C Cable Certification list, but the vendor's standard-length A to C cable is listed. Since these cables use the same connectors, we believe they fit "Qualification by Similarity" rules, though we have not yet submitted the paperwork to have this confirmed.